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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly….Christmas Trees

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly….Christmas Trees

We have reached that time of the year when even people who aren’t in the forestry business spend a lot of time thinking about trees. These folk might not be a part of our clientele, looking for a great stump grinder for sale (although we think that would be a GREAT present), but in the spirit of the holidays we thought it would be a fun forestry way to wish you all happy holidays by looking into some of the most interesting Christmas trees around the world.

The LEGO Christmas Tree

Well, strictly speaking this isn’t a tree. But it is a pretty magnificent creation nonetheless, so we thought it deserved a spot on this list for sheer creativity and hard work – it cannot have been an easy job to create a realistic LEGO tree that big. For those of you who have kids, this might also be a fun little holiday construction project.

The Worst Christmas Tree in the Country

This right here is a Christmas tree from Sacriston, County Durham in the UK. It has been largely touted as the worst Christmas tree in the country, and it’s the result of a lack of knowledge about how hard forestry can be: apparently a living tree was planted on the spot a month before Christmas last year, with the expectation that it would grow bigger, but a storm tore off a 2 foot chunk from its top, leaving this sorry sight. Maybe this year the people of Sacriston should consider a LEGO tree?

The Underwater Christmas Tree

Yes, an underwater Christmas tree complete with an underwater Santa and starfish for decorations. This impressive innovation is located in an aquarium in Manila, Philippines, in case you’re looking for a more interesting way to gather around the Christmas tree this Christmas morning. Remember to bring your scuba gear.

The Book Tree

We get how you could argue that this isn’t really a tree either, but on the other hand, all these books that make the Christmas tree of the Gleeson Library at the University of San Francisco technically used to be trees before they became books. So, really, it’s a tree made out of multiple trees.

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