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Rear Mount Bucket Truck for Sale

rear mount bucket truck for saleWhen it comes to reaching those hard to reach spots on trees, every inch counts. To get the most reach out of your vehicle, you should consider looking at a used rear mount bucket truck for sale on our lot. Since the boom can be backed up to any area, you will not be wasting the boom’s height on lateral extensions. Not only will these units get you or your workers to higher elevations, but they are also better at getting the bucket into tight spaces.If you are involved in residential tree work, finding a rear mount bucket truck for sale may make every job much easier. With the mount in the back, you can angle the boom over the center of the truck, greatly reducing the likelihood of it hitting any wires. Many electrical companies will tell you that when working around electrical wires, you are better off using a rear mount, as opposed to center and front mounts.If you’re considering buying a used rear mount bucket truck for sale, you may want to have a standalone chipper truck. While some may find that needing a separate truck for wood chips is a drawback, it can increase a business’s productivity. It allows you to go to the next job while the wood chipping team works away at the cut-down wood.Another benefit to the rear mount is that you will not be positioned over the cab. Since you would work over the back, you do not have to worry about falling branches hitting and damaging the cab or windshield. Rear mounts will protect your investment and takes the pressure off of you and your employees when it comes time to let the branch fall.If you are looking for a used rear mount bucket truck for sale, come and check out our inventory at Tri-State Forestry Equipment. With our wide selection of trusted names, such as High-Ranger and Altec, you are sure to find your next bucket truck. If your business is not located in our area, we offer free shipping on all trucks and equipment and have shipped our equipment as far as Australia.

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We sell bucket trucks and equipment to all 50 states and we are capable of assisting with export. We have shipped to Canada and Australia.

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