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Arborists Can Continue to Expand Without High Overhead

Spending all day in nature, breaking a sweat, not needing to go to the gym, and making some solid cash are all benefits of being an arborist. On top of all that, you’re either in the bucket trimming trees, working the ground, or operating heavy machinery in one of the most dangerous industries around (pretty awesome, right?). Trimming from the bucket or climbing trees requires years of experience and training to master. One mistied knot or inaccurate cut can lead to disaster for the guys on the ground and especially the man up top. Many people don’t understand the risk that comes along with being an arborist. In a fast-paced environment with the sound of chainsaws and debris from trees falling from the sky, lives are at stake. Although making a profit is the top priority of arborists, a cash flow will be short lived without a company encouraging a safe approach to chopping down one of mother nature’s most persevering creations.


Similar to the way in which arborists must do whatever they can to decrease the risk of injury and damage while bringing down a tree, owners must strive to decrease the total overhead of the company when choosing to grow. When the warmer months approach–following the ghost months of winter–arborists start receiving an incredible amount of requests for estimates. Driven owners often view this influx of business as an endless cash flow–one that they must act on quickly while the gettin’s good. It is imperative to remember, though, that for expanding arborists and other outdoor-based companies, don’t grow too quick…With the unpredictability of the weather and, often, a high turnover rate, these companies run the risk of expanding too quickly to accommodate for a growing customer base.


Young companies driven to grow should do so cautiously, in a way that helps to cut away as much overhead as possible. One of the best ways for them to do this is not to work employees into the dirt, but to purchase used equipment from a used forestry equipment trader like TriState Forestry Equipment, which restores equipment to work-ready quality. By choosing to purchase used equipment like bucket trucks, chipper trucks, stump grinders, and log grapple trucks for sale, companies can eliminate the large payments associated with brand new vehicles and supplies. This will allow expanding companies to continue to thrive and bring on new customers, while never sacrificing the safety of those involved by using old, unrestored equipment. Growing a company can be difficult and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive as it would be with buying brand new supplies.

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